Make Corporate Compliance and Corporate Governance your hallmark by contributing to your company's success

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We accompany you to build sustainable management systems for your company (lasting, profitable, ethical, responsible), while complying with the law:

Corporate Compliance, Corporate Governance, Data Protection, Legal Adviser and/or Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Be proactive in managing your company’s sustainability

We help you define the responsibility and manage the requirements of Corporate Governance and Compliance so that they are accessible to all departments involved

Adopt and communicate your company’s ethics

We help you co-design and communicate your company’s code of ethics, so that it has the necessary policies and procedures when making decisions.

Train your employees in compliance policies

We help you train your employees to internalize and understand the culture of the organization and its ethical limits.

Adopt a risk-based approach to compliance management

This involves identifying high-risk areas within the organization and then prioritizing, managing and monitoring those risks

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Our methodology to implement Corporate Compliance

Define the protocol

Work with the management team, the administration body and other stakeholders to define strategic objectives. Identify the main risk areas of the project.

Co-design of the sustainability plan

Including the protocols, procedures and codes of conduct and ethics according to the organisation’s intentions.

Design the legal structure

Management models, financial resources, reporting channels and all the elements included in Corporate Compliance


Training sessions, support and inspirational talks to strengthen necessary knowledge on sustainability.

Why this service?


 A business model based on sustainable criteria will allow the company to anticipate regulatory changes, improve performance through more efficient resource management, and minimize the operational and reputational risks associated with its activities, while influencing an improved image, creation of value, retention of talent and the corporate brand. In addition, it increases the company’s response capacity to possible changes in the business model or in the environment, facilitates the search for opportunities and improves the relationship with its stakeholders.

Our partners for the service

LeQuid and ANGARAVECA are members of SANNAS,   the association for the promotion of the triple Balance (People, Planet, Profit) and the Economy of the Common Good,and have established a strategic alliance to provide these services of social innovation, corporate information and sustainability, which allows them to advise and provide the best service to their customers, analysing their needs and expectations at all times and helping them to grow and become an exemplary model within its sector.

ANGARAVECA is a Social Innovation and Strategic Design firm, founded in 2013. We help companies to build, communicate and train in Social Innovation projects.

ANGARAVECA is part of the Creative Industries Network (IED), and the Association of companies for the Triple Balance SANNAS. Pioneer company of the association for the promotion of the Economy of the Common Good.


Empresas con ánimo de cambio.

“… Choose a brand for the ethical behaviour of the company and not only for the characteristics of the product. It’s not science fiction, but a trend that is gaining momentum…”

Rebeca Grynspan for El País newspaper

Ibero-American General Secretary
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