Services. LeQuid acts for you and for your business

What we do:

  • We provide proactive legal solutions to develop and protect businesses and assets in a sustainable way

What we offer:

  • Multi-talented teams
  • Knowledge acquired from large law firms
  • Competitive fees and success fees
  • Quick response
  • Involvement
  • Focus on results


  • To make the most of opportunities
  • To minimize risks
  • For valid and enforceable contracts
  • Protection of assets (material and non-material)
  • To avoid disputes
  • To avoid sanctions

For whom:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Associations
  • Business schools, Universities
  • Multinational Groups in Spain
  • Subsidiaries of Spanish Companies abroad (Brazil, Benelux)
  • Societies of Risk Capital and Venture Capital groups
  • Businesses for New Technology services and/or Telecommunications

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LeQuid acts for you and for your business in the following areas or service lines:

1. A clean slate

A comprehensive solution articulated by LeQuid (lawyers who are specialized in Social Enterprises and Business Law) that offers a quick and effective remedy for crisis situations, illiquidity or insolvency, so that you can look into the future and capitalize as soon as possible on new opportunities.

  • Second opportunity.
  • Refinancing, Restructuring, Sale and Purchase of companies in difficulties and/or productive units.
  • Conflict resolution of partners and blockade of companies.
  • Responsible, social and sustainable re-entrepreneurship.
  • Liquidity; asset liquidation (heritages, joint marital basis, co-ownership), complaint management and credit recovery.

If you want to START WITH A CLEAN SLATE, call us (++34 91 418 43 52) and expose your case for free.

2. Planning
  • Family Protocol
  • Protection of wealth
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Societies
  • Responsibility of Administrators
  • Tax Advice (national and international taxation)
3. Support Business
  • Hiring or purchasing of offices
  • Collaborators of Business (Distributors, Agents)
  • Suppliers and Providers
  • Protection of Assets (Tangible and Intangible)
  • Online Marketing
  • Credit Recovery
  • Tax Advice
  • Financing agreements
4. Revision
  • Monitoring of Affiliates
  • Due Diligence and Corporate Compliance
  • Monitoring of Contracts
  • Tax Advice
5. Transactions
  • Purchase / Sale of societies or assets
  • Mergers and Joint Ventures
  • The joining of new partners
  • Fund raising
  • Purchase / Sale of economic units
  • Tax Advice
6. Restructuration
  • Restructuration (within or outside of the arrangement of creditors)
  • Dissolution and Liquidation (within or outside of the arrangement of creditors)
  • Reorganization of companies and groups
  • Disposal of economic units
7. Resolution of Conflicts
  • Prevention and resolution of conflicts between businesses and private individuals.
  • Separation of partners or shareholders.
  • National and International Arbitration.
  • Mediation and alternative methods of resolution of conflicts.
  • Civil, commercial, industrial, litigious-administrative proceedings, arrangement of creditors.
8. Security Markets Law
  • Securities Issues
  • Alternative Stock Market
  • IPOs
  • Funds and Investment Companies
  • Investment Service Companies
  • Securitization
9. New Technologies and Telecommunications
  • Advisory and drafting services for contracts for computing, production and/or license software, internet services, IP technology, Cloud, SaaS Model, Hosting, Housing SLA’s, contingency plans, circuits, fibre optic, sharing of infraestructure, internet, telecommunications and others.
  • Advisory for network interconnections, regulated offers (OBA, ORLA, AMLT, OIR, MARCO and NEBA), data services (ADSL VDSL etc.), voice services (RTB RDSI and VoIP), and Ethernet and Fast Ethernet circuits
  • Advisory of landline and mobile numbering resources (geographical, nomadic, short numeration and intelligent network numeration).
  • Appeal procedures, documents, general authorizations for the provision of services before the CMT (telecommunication commerce commission) or other administrative bodies like SETSI, town/city councils etc.
  • Declaration of annual taxes related to telecommunications.
10. Compliance and E-Administration
  • Advisory for regulatory compliance, risks and security. SGSI and ISO regulations (ISO 27001).
  • Advisory and defense against charges concerning consumer protection.
  • Legal advice about competition practices, computing frauds and crimes.
  • Advisory for electronic signatures, electronic invoicing, electronic evidence, electronic administration (Law 11/2007) and public contracting.
11. E-Commerce and Data Protection
  • Adaptation of the company to the regulations in force for personal data protection.
  • Legal advice in piracy proceedings and unfair competition on the internet.
  • Auditing services for web pages and adaption to LSSI and LOPD.
  • Protection services and regulation of distinctive signs (brands) on the internet.
  • Advisory service for image and audiovisual rights.
  • Legal advice for online gaming (Gambling and Betting).
  • Legal advice for Social Networks, Social Media Compliance (SMC) and Internet Publicity.
  • Advisory services for Intellectual Property in the technological sector (domain names, intellectual property of software, data bases and others.)
12. Family Law
  • Contested and uncontested divorce and separation proceedings.
  • Provisional and preliminary measures.
  • Settlements for non-marital relationships.
  • Child custody and maintenance.
  • Prenuptial agreements.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of marital property regimes.
  • Enforcement of judgments.
  • International child abduction.
  • Incapacity proceedings and guardianship.
  • Procedures for declaration of parentage.
  • Child protection.
  • Family and divorce mediation.
12 + 1Movie and audio visual area of LeQuid
Over the last years, the movie industry has become one of the key investment and production focusses, both nationally and internationally. The sector is on the rise, in the midst of adjusting to the latest technologies and the new market needs. This means the sector can obtain a sound economic and artistic performance within a bubbling industry, provided that certain guidelines are followed and the necessary precautions are taken.

In Spain, a new Law on Cinema has been introduced that, although very accessible for independent productions, offers the possibility to opt for significant aid if the project is appropriately set up and presented.

Cinema is moving increasingly more towards the North-American model; obtaining aid by means of tax deduction and the possibility to attract investors or gain their interest by means of return and international exploitation of movies.

In this sense, we are in the position to offer services in the different stages of a project:

  • Script Analysis and Consultancy.
  • Analysis, Consultancy and Development of the economic model.
  • Budget Analysis and Consultancy.
  • Analysis, Consultancy and Recommendation on the technical and artistic team.
  • Recommendations on filming material.
  • Analysis and Consultancy on locations.
  • Preproduction and filming services for national and International productions.
  • Analysis and Consultancy on co-productions.
  • Set-up of corporate structures for movie projects.
  • Financial and fiscal structuring of projects.
  • Setting up of projects in order to apply for public aid in Spain.
  • Consultancy in order to obtain European and International aid.
  • Cost control for production and filming.
  • Consultancy on obtaining private investment.
  • Consultancy on distribution and national and International sales agents.
  • Consultancy to gain access to national and international film festivals.
  • Legal and Tax Advice on movie projects.
  • Legal services and Consultancy on copyright.
14. Management Strengthening Services
• Transition direction

• External project management

• Outsourcing of services through implants

• Reinforcement of the management team for the execution of specific projects

15. Financial consultancy
  • Consultancy on attracting partners and/or investors.
  • Consultancy on how to obtain aid and subsidies.
  • Public and private loans.
  • Participating loans.
  • Issuance of loans and obligations.
  • Consultancy on the globalisation of the Company and establishment overseas.
  • Advice for investors to identify investment grade companies.
  • Financial, technological and market due diligence.
  • Negotiating with Business Angels and Venture Capital Companies and Private Equity.
  • Negotiating with Universities, Technological Centres, Incubators and Accelerators.

Más información:

16. Visual Contracts
  1. Conversion of the entity’s contracts with clients, shareholders, investors, suppliers, distributors, agents, collaborators into “Visual Contracts” 
  2. Contract management; renewal, notices, periodic obligations, termination, upward and downward price reviews, as agreed 
  3. Conversion of the Bylaws, Partner Agreements and Shareholder Agreements into “Visual Contracts” 
  4. Compliance Management and monitoring for the Bylaws, Partner Agreements and Shareholder Agreements; information and participation rights, calls, meetings, majorities, agreements, application of results, rights and obligations 
  5. New methodology for the documentation and explanation of Minutes, Protocols, Documents and other Company Communication 
  6. Schedules and follow-up of contractual, administrative, extrajudicial and judicial procedures 
  7. Conflict prevention 
  8. Support and management of alternative Conflict Resolution systems ( mediation, negotiation)

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