At LeQuid we never lose our bearings.

The reason for our existence, and the central idea which gives meaning to our brand.

We want to dedicate the efforts of the firm to serve companies, entrepreneurs and managers who strive to do things differently, effective and in a sustainable manner in all its dimensions: ethical, economical and ecological.

We want to create a professional project worth the effort and which legitimates itself within and outside the firm.


Our vision is to serve as a guide, as a protector, a defender of our attorneys and our clients.

We are devoted to innovative and sustainable projects, international challenges, and social-minded businesses. Good work motivates and encourages us to achieve greater accomplishments.

Because you are important for us, at LeQuidwe care for you.

Our values

Proactive  –  Human quality  –  Implication

The name

LeQuid combines in one term the two essential elements of the philosophy and working methods of the firm:

  • On the one hand, the constant search for the essence, for the ‘quid’ of the matter, for the important, the intense focus on results.
  • On the other hand, the characteristics of the liquid element, the flexibility, the adaptability, the cross interrelationship of the matters, the movement, the source, the communication.

Visual identity

The logotype is expressed in tones of gradated green blue that symbolize the changing colour of water. The capital letters show with elegance a self-confident firm.

The Q embraces the u, symbolizing the brand vision: we care for you. The visual style is very clean and coexists in most of its applications with an image of water being born and making way. Find the way and always find the solution, no matter how difficult it may seem.

This is the commitment of LeQuid.