Cookie Policy (EU)

“A cookie is a small data file that is stored in your browser every time you visit our website. The purpose of cookies is to store the history of your activity on our website, so that when you visit our website again, it can identify you and configure the content of the website based on your browsing habits, identity and preferences. Cookies can be accepted, rejected, deleted and configured as you prefer. This can be done through the options available in this window or through the configuration of your browser, as required. If you reject cookies, only technical cookies or those necessary for the website to function will be used. Further information can be found in the “COOKIE POLICY” section of our website”

First-party cookies:

First-party cookies are generated and managed by the party responsible for providing the service requested by the user.

Third-party cookies:

These are generated by entities other than the party responsible (external services or providers, such as Google, for example).