Weemba the first online loan platform in Spain.



The Federation of Employers of the Community of Madrid (FEDECAM) has reached an agreement with Weemba, the first online loan platform in Spain in order to raise awareness among the madrilian management on the potential of online loan to end with the credit crunch that are currently suffering SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

At this time Madrid is the second region applicating for online loans, only behind Catalonia. The key for the success of this new model of access to credit is the way it multiplies the possibilities of each applicant for funding and that each application can be studied by over 40 national and international lenders.

Loan applications for companies are 26% of total applications published on Weemba. A 77% of which have been contacted by at least one financial institution and by up to 7 different entities, receiving an average of 1.43 contacts per published project.

Beyond the spread of this new model of access to credit, the Framework Collaboration Agreement between FEDECAM and Weemba for the implementation and use of the digital platform is completed with specific activities and direct use by the business community in Madrid.

In order to extend the use of DNI-e, FEDECAM will provide in a first phase to Weemba 500 readers of DNI-e to distribute among its associations, members of the organizations and staff who have shown interest in using the online credit services platform.

In the same sense, Weemba will continue providing online assistance to FEDECAM partners so to help publishing their funding requests, both to particulars and SMEs. FEDECAM will also make ​​5,000 brochures with information referring to the DNI-e available.

This is definitely a good initiative to dynamize the online credit to SMEs and entrepreneurs, and therefore strengthen the market and encourage the use of tools of the e-Administration, such as the electronic ID in Spain.

Source: Fedecam (2011). “Weemba ofrece crédito online a las pymes”. Available in:: http://www.fedecam.es/noticia.asp?id=80 Published date: 13/11/2011  Access date: 11/01/2012

Jose María Dutilh

Jose María Dutilh

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