I am sure that you have been reading or you have been found many articles and news related to social enterprises lately, and that this type of entities is an increasing phenomenon all over the world, rising in 37% in the latest years.

But, How to stand out from the rest of the social companies?

In this post, after reading many articles of entrepreneurs whose have started successful social enterprises with notable expertise within the area, we would like to let you know the best for tips to make your social company to stand out.

1.Line your message up to your consumer

If you are supporting a different cause from what your potential clients are waiting, you are in the wrong place. Take your time to understand the issues in which your target are concerned and try to include your company into the conversation. For instance, think that your target are high school and university students who appreciate outdoor experiences such as, abroad studies but they lack the means to finance themselves. On the basis of this information, you can make a scholarship funding program for those consumers, financed by product sales. In this way, you will line your social efforts up to your consumer’s values and finally they will stand up for your brand.

2. Show your impact

The story telling must be in your social enterprise heart. Nowadays, what matters is not talk about the contribution to a determined cause, it is to take a step further than that, it is to show the impact of your efforts in a personal level. It is very important to highlight the stories of people you are supporting. In line with previous example, it would be to give a face to all those students who have been benefited from your scholarship program aNd at the same time that your client help you purchasing products.

Thus, you should try to create a section in your webpage dedicated to your cause, your aim and the sustainable impact, you should share pictures, testimonies, and the best part of what you are doing.

3. Get your clients involve

People are more connected to social enterprise when they are invited to participate in the process. In this sense, the brand of shoes “Toms” has built up its own army driven by this social model. What “Toms” does is to cheer its clients up to join to “the tribe of Toms”, leading all those efforts to the philanthropy all over the world under its brand.

4. Develop special products or services

Is going to be worthless if you use the best social entrepreneurship practices and support an incredible cause but your product or service does not charm the market. A successful social enterprise blends the appeal of supporting the same cause of the consumer with products and services that fit perfectly with their needs and wishes. Warby Parker is an extraordinary example. They attract millennials who are busy and with high purchasing power, by offering an extensive range of contact lenses, quickly and easily, and at the last time they are going to show a huge social impact underlining a “win-win for every one” environment.

In conclusion, thanks to the truly understanding of your consumers and linking up your mission story, you will be preparing your company to success.

Jose María Dutilh

Jose María Dutilh

Socio Director de la Firma de Abogados LeQuid, especializada en Derecho de los Negocios y de las Empresas Sociales, estoy plenamente convencido de que el desarrollo empresarial rentable y eficiente no sólo es compatible sino que necesita la ética empresarial. En la actualidad, desde LeQuid colaboro con empresarios que necesitan una segunda oportunidad a través de estos procesos; Apoyo legal en el día a día, Re emprendimiento socialmente responsable, Fusiones y Adquisiciones, Reestructuración y Refinanciación de empresas o Concurso de acreedores entre otros.

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