Order from March 4th, 2013, of the plenary session of the Provincial Court of Madrid: ex officio examination on the existence of unfair terms in loan contracts and consumer credit

The plenary session of the magistrates of the Provincial Court of Madrid’s Civil Sections met in a jurisdictional setting on March 4th in order to establish the criteria of the interpretation of the European Court of Justice’s recent case law concerning unfair terms...
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The Alternative Bond Market (ABM)

As part of the measures that the Spanish Government has adopted to support entrepreneurs and stimulate employment creation and growth, it has decided to implement the Alternative Bond Market, hereinafter, ABM. The ABM (or MARF, in Spanish) is a Bond market for...
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Changes in regulations for court fees by Royal Decree-Law 3/2013, of February 22nd, which modifies the fee regime in the field of the administration of justice and the free legal assistance system

1. The field of application, taxable events and exemption from an objective point of view.. Regarding taxable events, Law 10/12 of November 20th indicated the formulation of a claim for appeals of administrative disputes as a taxable event. Law 3/2013 of November 22nd...
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