El pasado 27 de mayo tuvo lugar con gran éxito de acogida y participación el  European Workshop «Overview on new pre-insolvency and insolvency practitioners in Europe», organizado por APACSA y AULA CONCURSAL, en el que colaboró como ponente José María Dutilh Carvajal, CEO de LeQuid, quien representó a España como profesional experto en insolvencia para tratar las nuevas condiciones que las normativas plantean.

Gracias a todos los participantes y colaboradores que han contribuido a este éxito:

Cristina ASENCIO Spain
Rubben LINDEMANS Belgium
Robert PATERSON England
Charles-Henri CARBONI France
Christophe THEVENOT France
Alexander REUS Germany
Robert HÄNEL Germany
Patrizia RIVA Italy
Robert WOUDENBERG Netherlands
Ingrid E.S. TRONSHAUG Norway
Eduardo PEIXOTO GOMES Portugal
Martin PROVAZNÍK Slovakia

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Algunos comentarios de asistentes:

Grateful to have been invited by José María Dutilh Carvajal and #APACSA to share the views from the Netherlands on the implementation of the EU Restructuring Directive. Thanks as well to the great EU-wide panel of specialists, including Bert Dehandschutter, Rubben Lindemans, Laura Gurrea Martinez, Cristina Asencio Pascual, Rubén García-Quismondo P, Robert Paterson, Dr. Robert Hänel, Alexander Reus, Patrizia Riva, PhD, Mylène Boché-Robinet, Martin Provazník, Ingrid E. S. Tronshaug, THEVENOT Christophe, Eduardo Peixoto Gomes and others!


I can only agree with the things already said. It was great fun with great persons. Thank you all!

Robert Woudenberg

Advocaat | Senior Associate, NautaDutilh

Muchas gracias! And thank you very much for hosting a great event, and for good company yesterday evening!


A special thanks to José María Dutilh CarvajalAPACSA ‘Sainz de Andino’ and Aula Concursal Formación for the opportunity to participate in their European workshop in Madrid to present and discuss one of our favourite topics, restructuring and insolvency law, with lawyers/practitioners from ten European countries. Looking forward to the next one!

Ingrid E.S. Tronshaug

1erSenioradvokat / Senior lawyer, Kvale Advokatfirma

It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of this very well prepared and organized workshop. And above all, it was a pleasure to meet all of you.

Alexander Reus

Partner at anchor Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB

Congratulations for the initiative and for gathering such and unique group of nice people!

(…) Hope this group maintains cohesive and that we may have the chance to repeat this initiative. (…)

Eduardo Peixoto Gomes

European workshop held today May 27th in Madrid organized by APACSA ‘Sainz de Andino’ and Aula Concursal Formación for providing an overview of the status of preinsolvency and insolvency practitioners in EU and non EU countries. Thank you very much José María Dutilh Carvajal for the organization of this innovative and pioneering workshop and for bringing together colleagues from Bélgica (Bert Dehandschutter), Amsterdam (Robert Woudenberg), England (Robert Paterson), Oporto (Eduardo Peixoto Gomes) Germany (Dr. Robert Hänel), Italy (Patrizia Riva, PhD), France (THEVENOT Christophe, Charles-Henri Carboni, Rubben Lindemans, Mylène Boché-Robinet), Slovakia (Martin Provazník), Oslo (Ingrid E. S. Tronshaug) with whom we have been able to share knowledge, experiences, similar concerns and of course a good time on the terrace of the hotel H10 Puerta de Alcalá. A pleasure to share panel with Laura Gurrea Martinez, Rubén García-Quismondo y José María Dutilh Carvajal.


Congrats José María Dutilh Carvajal ! We could not have a better host than you. You have set the bar very high. Thanks for bringing us all together and thank very much to the spanish team Laura Gurrea Martinez, José María Dutilh Carvajal, Rubén García-Quismondo P for making it so easy. A real luxury and a pleasure.

Cristina Asencio Pascual

1erSocia Reestructuraciones e Insolvencias, Fieldfisher

It was a lovely and very friendly professional meeting. I am thankful to all of you, especially to José María. Great event!


Great event! Thank you José María Dutilh Carvajal for invitation. It was a pleasure to speak about the implementation of pre-insolvency Directive in Slovakia.

Martin Provazník

Advokat , Braun Partners

It was a great event with great people, about a subject not so often covered.

Cristophe Thevenot

I echo the previous emails. Thank you José for hosting an excellent well organised conference. It was a great success.

It was a pleasure to meet everyone (and to see some of you again after again after INSOL Europe).


It was great to be part of this. Thank you Jose Maria and everybody. See you at the next one!

Robert Paterson

Contacto de 1er grado1erPartner, Wedlake Bell

I would like to wrmly thank José and his team again for the invitation in Madrid and the perfect organization of the workshop. It was been a pleasure to meet you all.

Mylène Boché-Robinet

Thank you for inviting me in Madrid.


Thank you to Jose for the invitation. It was an honour to try to represent the Italian approach and a great opportunity to study and exchange ideas with you and the collegues coming from Spain, Belgium, France, UK, Germany, Norway, Neederland, Portugal, Slovakia.

Patrizia Riva

PhD Contacto de 1er grado1erProfessore Associato , Universita' del Piemonte Orientale, Dottore Commercialista in Monza e Milano

(…) enhorabuena, el nivel de la gente que llevaste era muy bueno y he escuchado muy buen feedback!

José Carles

Anchor Partners Dr. Robert Hänel and Alexander Reus participated in the 1st European Workshop of the Spanish Insolvency Administrators Association APACSA ‘Sainz de Andino’ in Madrid.

We thank José María Dutilh Carvajal and his team for the great hospitality and the perfect organisation of the event. It was exciting and a pleasure to discuss the implementation of the Restructuring Directive with specialists from many European countries. We thank you all for the serious preparation and the insight gained:

Rubén García-Quismondo P, Laura Gurrea Martinez, Cristina Asencio Pascual, Eduardo Peixoto Gomes, Robert Woudenberg, Ingrid E. S. Tronshaug, Robert Paterson, Martin Provazník, Charles-Henri Carboni, Christophe Thevenet, Mylène Boché-Robinet, Bert Dehandschutter, Rubben Lindemans, Patrizia Riva, PhD

We are looking forward to next year’s event.

Anchor Rechtsanwälte

Krisen vermeiden - Krisen meistern.

Una jornada muy estimulante!! Enhorabuena a todos

Elena García-Sañudo Díez

Senior Lawyer

Rubben and I also want to thank you for taking the initiative and hosting a conference of high-level insolvency specialists.

It was a pleasure to meet everyone, and I am sure there will be a lot of interest in making it a tradition during Ascension break.

Les us know when you are in Brussels and we look forward to our next meeting.

Best regards,

Bert Dehandschutter & Rubben Lindemans

Lawyer-Partner, Racine Advocaten/Avocats