1. Could you tell us Le Quid´s history in Spain?

LeQuid is a business law firm established by Jose María Dutilh, Managing Partner, in September 2006. It is specialized in Business Law, Tax Law, Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring Law, new technologies (data protection and electronic commerce), computer and audiovisual law, telecommunications and protection of intangible law (intellectual property, image rights, copyrights, trademarks and trade names etc.) focused on helping companies to compete successfully and to be creative and innovative.

2. What are the different areas of work that LeQuid develops within the ICT panorama?


LeQuid is a law firm with an extensive experience in the new information technologies and communication field. The services offered related to the ICT sector includes:

  • Adjustment services for the company to the data protection law, electronic commerce and defence against disciplinary proceedings.
  • Advisory service in drafting and / or negotiation of computer contracts and production and / or software license contracts.
  • Legal advice service on social networks.
  • Legal advice service on gambling and promotional giveaways organization on Facebook or other social networks.
  • Advisory in intellectual property technology service.
  • Legal Advice in Piracy and Unfair Competition proceedings on Internet.
  • Auditing services for web pages and adaptation to LSSI.
  • Protective and regulation of distinctive signs services (trademarks and trade names) on the Internet.
  • Commercial and tax advice services for technology companies.

3. Tell us about the most recent projects carried out by LeQuid.

LeQuid is constantly involved in various projects providing legal solutions to companies just starting off in the world of new technologies as well as companies with an extensive career in the field; both needing to make use of legal advice to adapt their services to legal requirements.

One of the projects we are passionate about at the moment is related to our recent participation in the Startup Weekend in Madrid (http://madrid.startupweekend.org/), which allows us to give advice from a legal point of view to businessmen, developers and visual artists. The enthusiasm that the participants put into each project makes this experience most rewarding.


4. Which are your plans for future business?

LeQuid currently follows the same philosophy from when we started. Our purpose is to maintain these features and to continue providing a personalized and quality service to our customers. We go to the heart of the matter.
Our commitment is to solve matters quickly and effectively, providing efficient legal solutions, which for us means finding legal solutions before conflicts arise.

Sectors such as this one are continually developing and innovating, laws and regulations are always being created to regulate the ways that different individuals interact in the information society. Our duty is to be aware of and continually updated regarding these matters in order to provide an excellent and complete service to our customers.

Due to the commitment of professionalism we have acquired, year after year we see our turnover and number of clients grow, because of this, the demands are of a maximum. .

5. There are 495 member companies as a marketplace at your reach. What can they offer LeQuid?

Being at the ANEI marketplace made up of five thousand companies that develop several activities such as services, product offerings or transactions in the ICT world, offers us the opportunity to learn more about the structure, functioning and activities. We can better adapt our services to the needs that may arise at any time and the we have the possibility of interacting with these companies and share know-how and experiences.

With all this, we can benefit each other from belonging to this association which is looking for – as established in their rules – collaboration between different partners.

On top of this, companies may benefit from a law firm with experience in the ICT sector, working in a practical way and with reasonable prices.


6. As an ANEI member, what role should be developed by a company as part of an employers’ association?

The purpose of belonging to an employers’ association is to protect the companies common interests with its partners, in order to develop activity. As an ANEI member the role we must develop is one of support and the providing of advice in legal matters with which our fellow associates have doubts and problems and that, with the help of our experience, we are happy to solve.

Provisions, product sales and business transactions on the Internet are constantly gaining popularity among Internet users, who have less fear of using them thanks to the work carried out by organizations like ANEI, where its members establish the main priorities in all fields necessary to promote the use of relationships through services offered by New Technologies.

We also believe that ANEI – and its working committee – is an ideal tool for working together with other partners in the development of the regulation of the ICT Sector.


7. How does Le Quid see the situation of the Information Society in Spain?

We believe that there are leading companies in the information society area in Spain and that, despite the general crisis; there are plenty of innovative projects and companies that can contribute effectively to boost the economic outlook of the country.

Maybe what is needed is a more developed and safer legal framework to promote entrepreneurial activites so that they can create and develop their business and make their dreams and projects a reality.


8. Which trends will demand attention in 2012?

We are banking on the demand of services and tools based on geolocation and the generation of mobile devices (smartphones) that will make our life easier. Social networks will grow and Facebook may surprise us with a search engine to compete with Google.

The new gaming law which regulates online gaming will make the gambling sector one of the most dynamic next year.


9. How may the current financial economic situation affect the sector?

The economic recession will lead to reduced availability to invest capital. Financial institutions sometimes are unwilling to invest in new projects, but it is also true that we are sometimes surprised by investors (Business Angels) willing to provide projects that identify a great idea, a credible business plan and good management skills.

It is also true that during crisis the most ingenious ideas arise, ideas that, looking for efficiency in their purposes, become great, useful inventions and with a widespread image in society. We hope to help all those entrepreneurs who want to take part in this exciting field as much as possible.

10. Would you like to add anything else?

We would like to recognize ANEI´s work and to highlight our commitment to help the growth and development of the ICT sector.


Jose María Dutilh

Jose María Dutilh

Socio Director de la Firma de Abogados LeQuid, especializada en Derecho de los Negocios y de las Empresas Sociales, estoy plenamente convencido de que el desarrollo empresarial rentable y eficiente no sólo es compatible sino que necesita la ética empresarial. En la actualidad, desde LeQuid colaboro con empresarios que necesitan una segunda oportunidad a través de estos procesos; Apoyo legal en el día a día, Re emprendimiento socialmente responsable, Fusiones y Adquisiciones, Reestructuración y Refinanciación de empresas o Concurso de acreedores entre otros.

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