An opportunity for SMEs and E-commerce to develop.

Today, in a competitive and global world, as well as a European Market that shows signs of weakening, it is the perfect time to make the most out of ICT’s potential, to increase the development of services, products and technology networks, to decrease the fragmentation of markets and to invest in a single and strong digital market. This would lead to the growth and creation of employment, and would implement the fifth freedom of the European Union (free circulation of digital content and services).
To that end, the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism started a public consultation on the website: “”, it opened at the end of July and will close on the 30th of September. Its aim is to encourage citizens to participate in the final text for the Digital Agenda for Spain, which outlines, as highlighted by (2012) six main objectives:

  1. To encourage the use of networks and services in order to guaranty digital connectivity; which hopes to provide private operators with the use of ultra-fast broadband and to promote the use of those networks amongst citizens and companies so that Spain has access to first level infrastructures that would allow them to compete on a national level.
  2. To develop a digital economy to help with growth, competitiveness and internationalization amongst Spanish companies, in order to improve competitiveness of the productive fabric and encourage growth, international expansion and creation of quality employment through better use of ICT and the development of the digital economy.
  3. Improve e-administration and digital solutions in order to achieve an efficient provision of public services, for the sake of increasing the productivity of Public Administrations in order to reduce public expense and encourage some quality universal public services, making use of Electronic Administration.
  4. Reinforce trust in the digital sector, which is an essential factor in helping the effective implementation of ICT to contribute to the economic and social development of the country and to achieve of the objectives of the Digital Agenda for Spain.
  5. Implement the I+D+i (Investigation, Development and innovation) system for Information and Communication Technologies, through investment in research, investigation, development and innovation in Information and Communication Technologies, which will achieve results that will be key factors in the improvement of competition amongst companies and Public Administrations; and
  6. To promote the training for digital inclusion and for new ICT professionals, which would allow them to maximize their potential as essential support for economic and social activity.

Participating in the Digital Agenda is an opportunity for companies, especially SMEs, to propose new actions, express their doubts, get to know the present problems in the provision of online services and contribute to the achievement of the aforementioned objectives focused on the promotion and development of ICTs.

The Digital Agenda will be the guide to follow for the Government when it comes to Telecommunications, the Information Society and Electronic Administration for this legislation with a prevision of mobilisation of public resources to the amount of 3,174 million Euros during the period of 2012-2015. Despite the crisis, the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, in the act of evaluating the public consultation of the proposed Digital Agenda for Spain, indicated that: “there is money and resources and a budget from SETSI for help programs to the amount of 550 million euros” and “state and ministry companies in substantial conditions with the Secretary of State of Telecommunications helpline of 500 million of credit with ten years of depreciation and three of shortage” (, 2012). This means, without doubt, good news and opportunities for the sector, which at a legal level will be reinforced with the approval of the Law for Entrepreneurs that regulates and improves the conditions of treatment for SMEs and the self-employed.


Source: (2012).Participa en la elaboración de una Agenda Digital para España”. Fecha de publicación: 01/08/2012. Noticia disponible en: Fecha de acceso: 02/08/2012 (2012).” El Ministro de Industria, Energía y Turismo, José Manuel Soria, abre a consulta pública la Agenda Digital para España y señala que moverá recursos por 3.174 millones del 2012-2015. Soria señala que “analizan conjuntamente con la CNC, la situación de la A3/LaSexta”. Fecha de publicación: 25/07/2012. Noticia disponible en: Fecha de acceso: 29/07/2012.



Jose María Dutilh

Jose María Dutilh

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