The entrepreneur spirit goes beyond Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Garrett Camp. It represents something bigger than Twitter and WhatsApp. The entrepreneurial spirit is a mentality, it is attitude, and it is also a style of life for those who are not satisfied with the status quo.

The entrepreneurial spirit is an approach of life which benefits creativity over comfort zones, it benefits action over inaction. James Altucher, a bestseller writer, investor and businessman says: “To be an” entrepreneur “does not mean to develop the new facebook” or to start a new business either, it is to identify life challenges and to find creative ways to get them over”.

Thus, even if you are not thinking out the next invention that will change the world or you are looking for creating a Sillicon Valley store, there are some features of entrepreneur’s mentality that will feed up your work and life.

We have the sufficient bravery to make a commitment to our dreams.

The entrepreneurs get away from the comfort of “regular jobs”, they prefer an uncertain style of life. It takes courage to find the balance but for example, for Walt Disney icons it just worth it.

We think more in our clients than ourselves.

It is rather unusual that we, the entrepreneurs, are looking for fame, actually it is rather the opposite, we are worried about those who want to help and the problems they want to solve.

In view of the above, the differences between success and failure are highlighted when things are getting worst. Guy Kawasaki, Apple’s former chief, weights up in his book: “In the darkest hours, you must to remember the value of what you are doing for other’s life and the satisfaction you are going to get for that.

We never stop learning.

We understand that experiences bring the most important lessons about business. In this sense, we are open and we are curious over things surround us. An example of this is Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder. This business started with a student magazine and then turned into a record company, an airline, even a commercial space flight company nowadays. We can see that Richard Branson instead of becoming into a specific area expert, he learnt and adapted to all different situations and keeps doing it.

We never give up.

It is not common as an inventor or entrepreneur to find success at the first shot. It takes time, hard work, and devotion to create something that really worth it. A great idea is a beginning, and one day it is likely that a well-focused idea will turns into something real.

We love failing.

The fear of failure paralyzed most people but for entrepreneurs like you and I this is not the case. The fear indicates how far we can go and it is undoubtedly essential when you are trying new things.

We take old ideas and we make a new way, a better one.

Even though people think that entrepreneurs are mainly focused on ideas never seen before, the truth is highly different. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are focused on renew existing models or to update obsolete products. Sometimes all this reinvented ideas could change the way we read or eat, for instance.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Ben & Jerry ice cream cofounders, started in a renewed gas station in Burlington, Vermont, before becoming into a world-renowned brand which offers unusual ice cream flavors such as, ‘Cherry Garcia’ and ‘Hazed & Confused’. They are also pioneers of the business model based on socially responsible entrepreneurship. They also give conferences in which they teach how to return the community the earnings of your business and how to get the Ben & Jerry certificate as B-Corporation.

Specially, we take actions.

We as entrepreneurs, execute the idea, we don’t let fade them away as other people do. We are masters turning abstract things into concrete ones. Apparently, this action could be one of the biggest challenges in life, at the end of the day, it is what defines an entrepreneur.

Jose María Dutilh

Jose María Dutilh

Socio Director de la Firma de Abogados LeQuid, especializada en Derecho de los Negocios y de las Empresas Sociales, estoy plenamente convencido de que el desarrollo empresarial rentable y eficiente no sólo es compatible sino que necesita la ética empresarial. En la actualidad, desde LeQuid colaboro con empresarios que necesitan una segunda oportunidad a través de estos procesos; Apoyo legal en el día a día, Re emprendimiento socialmente responsable, Fusiones y Adquisiciones, Reestructuración y Refinanciación de empresas o Concurso de acreedores entre otros.

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